No, it’s not what you think.  We do NOT have rats.  Last night I went to the performance “Rats!!!” at my children’s school.  They have a play/musical every year and all of the kids are in the performance.  It’s normally quite comical.  This year it was a play about the Pied Piper getting rid of rats in a town.  And yes, you guessed it, my children were the rats.

Actually, my 3 year old, Ann, was a mouse.  She sang “Hickory Dickory Dock” with the Pre-schoolers and they did a great job.  They even had a few hand gestures during the song and they had on little mouse ears.  That is probably the first time I was happy to see a mouse.   🙂  My two older children, Marie & Patrick, were the rats.  In fact, Marie was a mother rat and carried a baby rat.  Boy, what more could I ask for, my daughter got to portray a mother rat in a play.  Would that make me a grandmother rat?  LOL  I have to say that they all sang great.  My kids love to sing in public.  They are great performers.  Much better than I ever was as a child.  I’m very glad about that.  And yes, I am very proud of my rats.  

The ironic thing about last night was that my daughter Marie (the mother rat), had a silent part in the play where she steals the flowers from someone.  Yes, she was even listed in the program as a “Rat Thief”.  When I found out that she was going to steal flowers from someone in the play, I busted out laughing.  I had no idea that my children’s little escapade on Mother’s Day was actually a play rehearsal for my daughter’s role as a Rat Thief.  I guess the fact that she wasn’t wearing her rat ears on Mother’s Day sort of threw me off.

It was a great night, but I must say that I truly HATE school events on a weekday.  I know the school has their reasons, but when they take one hour out of my nightly routine it really throws me off.  I know that any working mother that is reading this blog right now is nodding her head yes.  It’s just so hard to get home around 7pm and try to get the nightly chores like baths, supper and homework done in less time.  Not to mention the fact that the kids are all wound up from the school event.  Sorry, I just had to get that little gripe in there.

All in all, it was a good night and with a little bit of nudging and pulling and whining this morning, I was able get to my rats to school one minute early!!!  That is a big accomplishment on my part.  So KUDOS to Mom!!!

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