I’m back

To all those that have followed my blog, I am sorry for being gone.  If you were wondering if some tragic event was keeping me away from blogging, let me reassure you that there wasn’t.  I could tell you that I had writer’s block, but that wouldn’t be true.  Yes, I did find myself lacking the motivation to write, but it was not because I didn’t know what to write.  Trust me, if I could just plug a USB cord into my ear and download my thoughts on to the computer, I would probably tap out its storage space.  I could tell you that I was struggling with grief over the loss of my work friend “Aunt Mary” and that would be partly true.  I did find myself in that “Life sucks and then you die” stage after my friend passed away.  It brought back feelings of uncertainty and disbelief that I had when my mom died.  But as time passes, I am getting stronger emotionally.

I could tell you that my kids have sucked up all the free time I have.  That too, would be partly true because I am still the “official human chair” in the household.  I have at least one child sitting on me or leaning on me every night.  Plus, we have had some sickness in our family, but it wasn’t anything serious.  Just stomach bugs and strep throat that my family obviously wanted to share with each other.  But no one has been hospitalized.  Truthfully, the times I missed from work could have been used to blog, but that didn’t happen.  Okay, I have beaten around the bush long enough, let me tell you the real reason I have been away from blogging.  This is not easy for me to admit and I hope you won’t think badly of me after you hear my confession.

Hi, my name is JoAnn Williams and I have a problem.  I am addicted to………………………………………………






There, I said it out loud and the world hasn’t come to an end.  And just to clarify, Candy Crush can’t be the only one to take the blame.  Yes, it was the one that lured me into this addiction, but it is pretty much any Facebook game that has taken away every free minute of my time.  If it has a map to conquer and requires me to bother my Facebook friends for more lives, than I have probably played it.  I can’t explain what the attraction is, but for some reason I have to play the games to see what will happen when I conquer the last spot on the map.  My other theory is that these online games were created by the devil and they have us all brainwashed.  🙂  Why else would you spend sleepless nights playing a game that will award you points that you can’t cash in for actually currency?  LOL

Now, I am not surprised that I have fallen into this trap, because I am a child of the 80’s.  Heck, I was putting my initials on the high score screen of Pac-Man machines before I was old enough to drive.  So you could say I was already a recovering video addict.  But the difference from my addiction in the past is that I wasn’t a mom in the 80’s.  I was a kid with no cares in the world.  This time, I am a mom of four that has a husband and a job.  Not to mention a house full of dirty clothes, dirty dishes and dirty bedrooms.  And don’t forget my part-time job of being a referee to my kids.  So this time it is effecting more than just me, its effecting my family.  My poor kids have seen my selfish side when they want to play on the tablet and I tell them, “No, it’s my turn.  Now go away.”  LOL

By now, I suppose you are wondering what has caused this personal confession to come out.  Why would I be spending time blogging about my addiction when I could be playing my games.  The truth is, this is one of my sacrifices for Lent.  I have decided to spend less time playing games and more time blogging.  I know, I am still on a computer, but it is at least being spent productively as opposed to mindless coin collecting that I will never be able to cash in.  🙂  I have decided that God is the only one that can help me break this devilish addiction.  These on-line video games are from the Devil…the Devil I tell you.  LOL  In fact, as I was typing this post, a commercial for Pet Rescue Saga came on the TV twice.  Coincidence??  I think not.

So I hope to get back to the story about my daughter, but please be patient with me.  After all, I am still trying to overcome my addiction.  🙂


JoAnn Williams (online video addict)

5 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Oh I see you are human. That is why I never started and don’t play any games because I would never get anything done..

  2. Another difference between being a video junkie in the 80’s and now is, back then you had to pop a quarter in the machine online they are FREE! I haven’t gone there yet, pretty sure it would get ugly if I did. LOL Good for you giving it up for a time!

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