Christmas Vacation…Someone Help Me!!!!

I have four children that range from the age of 3 to 12 and I love them all.  However, after spending the last 14 days with my children during their school Christmas Vacation, I would love them a whole lot more if they were back in school.  As each new day dawns, my children find new ways to bicker and fight.  This is due to boredom, not hatred for each other.  (At least, that is what I keep telling myself.)  🙂  The problem is, they need to be away from each other, to appreciate each other’s company.  Sounds weird, huh?  Well, they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and in my kid’s situation,  it’s true.

The first week consisted of four children anxious for Christmas to arrive.  School was out, Santa was coming and that meant presents would be showing up.  They had just celebrated a mini Christmas celebration at school the prior week.  In one week’s time, they had participated in Christmas caroling field trips, volunteered at Catholic Charities, rode on the school’s float in the annual Christmas parade.  Plus rehearsed and performed in the school Christmas program and had class Christmas parties.  With all of this activity, all at once, I guess they had a legitimate reason to be bouncing off the wall during the days that led up to Christmas Day.

Then Christmas arrived with joys or possibly disappointments of what Santa brought them.  Did they get everything they wanted for Christmas?  No.  Did Santa bring them what they asked for or what he thought they needed?  Well, Santa made some executive decisions that they might not have been thrilled with.  But let’s just say that my children were not hurting in the toy department.  Besides, I reminded them more than once that they had a birthday coming up in the new year.  Silly me, I expected the new Christmas toys to keep them occupied for some time.

Well, they did help some, but that break in their normal routine was getting to them.  I know that at least one of my kids was happy being out of school, mostly because they didn’t want to get up in the morning.  But in the most part, my kids missed the routine and companionship of their classmates and teachers.

By the time the new year arrived, my kids had gotten into a pretty normal routine.  The routine was something like this: stay up late, wake up late, search for food, fight over who got to pick the TV shows, fight over who got to play on the tablets and fight over who got mom’s attention.  Did you notice the word “fight” appearing several times there?  Yeah, that’s what we did.  It could be a simple yelling match or a physical confrontation, it would depend on the item that was being fought for and who was the opponents.

Needless to say, I heard “Mom!!!” and “I want” being said more times than I can count.  The joys of being a mom…NOT!  Let’s just say that every day my husband went to work, I envied the lucky duck.  When he would call from work, saying his sinuses were giving him trouble and his headache wouldn’t go away, I would give him my special motivational speech.  Something like, “I know you don’t feel the best, but would you rather come home to your children?”  His answer was always, “NO!”  That would be because my children, the precious kids with no manners, could be heard in the background fighting over something.  My husband knew how good he had it…he got to get away from this loony bin for a good 9 hours each day.  Heck, that is my idea of a vacation.  🙂

So by the fourteenth day, I decided to do something drastic…no tablets for a day!  Yep, I took away their games, videos and music for a day.  Boy what a day that was!

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