A Day in the Country

Yesterday my family spent the day in the country.  My good friend Amanda moved out to the country when she got married to her high school sweetheart.  My daughter Marie and her daughter from her first marriage are classmates and BFF.  So when Marie asked if she could have a sleepover with her friend, I decided that the whole family should go for an afternoon visit instead.  That way we could all spend time with the family.

Amanda’s daughter and son from her first marriage attend the same school as my kids.  So all the kids know each other.  My friend acquired two more daughters when she married her new husband.  My kids have met the girls on occasion, but have not been able to spend a lot of time with them.  So this gave all 8 kids a chance to spend time together, while Frank and I spent some grown up time with Amanda and her husband.

When I say we went to the country, I wasn’t kidding.  They live about 30 minutes out of the city limits on a dirt road.  They have three pot belly pigs, four dogs, two roosters, several chickens, a goat, a horse and a number of cows out in the pasture.  Now, some of the animals actually belong to my friend’s father-in-law, but they are on her land so as far as I am concerned, they are hers.  Considering that my kids have grown up in the city, this is as country as it gets.  Heck, I lived in a little rural town that was surrounded by farms and I didn’t encounter this many animals during my whole childhood.

Ten minutes into the car ride to their house, my son Patrick is asking me,

Are we there yet?

Not yet Patrick.  Just look out the window at all the different sights.

We were driving through a small town at the time, so I looked out the window and replied,

See over there…a pawn shop.  

Yes, even I thought to myself, boy that was lame.  lol  But it was the first thing that I noticed out the window.

By the time we were half way to their place, I was asking Frank if he took a wrong turn and was heading to my hometown.  It reminded me of all the small towns that I had grew up around.  The kids started pointing out animals they were seeing from the road.  Look, a cow…there’s some horses…Frank says, “Look, a deer.”  When I looked on his side of the road, I realized that the deer he was referring to was a fake deer in a person’s front lawn.  LOL

We found their house, but not before going past it once and stopping to ask for directions twice.  In the process of trying to find their place, I tried to call Amanda on my cell phone and got the message “Emergency Calls Only”.  Now, if that ain’t a good sign you’re in the country, I don’t know what is.

When we got there, we were given the petting zoo tour.  Then we went in their new house to visit.  My kids went to see the kids’ bedrooms and Frank and I spent time talking with Amanda and her hubby.  We talked about everything and nothing and it was the best time ever.  Not once did I feel like I needed to hunt my brain to find something to talk about.  Not once did I look at my watch and wonder how we were going to find a reason to leave.  We just sat and enjoyed catching up on our lives.  Half of the time, our kids were right there in the same room, adding to the conversation.  It was truly a great time.

You know the saying, ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’?  Well, that was certainly true yesterday, because before I knew it four hours had passed in a heartbeat.  If it hadn’t been for the sun going down and my husband being worried about driving the dirt roads in the dark, we probably could have stayed there all night talking.  That’s a sign of a good friendship, as far as I’m concerned.  It was definitely something that I needed and I believe the rest of my family felt the same way.

Before we left Amanda’s house, we got a chance to see something I had never seen before.  One of the mother cows in the pasture “dropped a calf” and we got to see it.  It was something to behold and I’m glad I got to witness it with my kids and husband.  Of course, I probably gave the kids a bad explanation of what was happening.  My youngest daughter Ann was having a problem finding the cow that was having the baby, so I told her,

See that brown cow that looks like it has something coming out of its butt?  Well, that’s a baby calf.

So for the rest of that glorious event, we were joking about the cow pooping out the baby calf.  I’m sure that was not the way God wanted me to describe it.  Sorry God, but I call it like I see it.  Hopefully, I haven’t scarred my children for life because of my explanation of the event.  If so, I’m forever sorry kids.

Truthfully, it was quite a sight to see and I’m glad we got to witness it.  Amanda’s son was concerned that the calf might fall on its head and break its neck.  But I told him the cow surely knew what she was doing.  Marie was surprised that the cow did it without any human assistance and I guess I was too.  But that is one of God’s miracles and how glorious his power is.

After the baby calf was “dropped”, the mother stood over it and started cleaning it.  I found out later from Amanda’s husband that this was the first time this cow gave birth, yet she knew what to do.  He said that cleaning the placenta off was a way for the mother cow to identify or claim it’s baby calf.  How awesome is that?  I guess you could say that a mother’s love is the same, whether it be a human or a cow.  God blesses the mother with an infant to care for and from the moment they are born the mother is there to care for the baby.  It really was beautiful and I’m so glad to have witnessed it.

It was a great day in the country and I’m so glad we all made the trip.  I don’t know about Frank, but I would definitely make another journey out to their place.  It was well worth the drive, to spend some relaxing time with my friend and her family.  Amanda has been through a lot this past year and she deserves to be happy.  I can say that I witnessed it first hand that she is happy.  Which makes me happy.  Thank you God, for giving me and my family a chance to experience some of your beautiful wonders…it was just what we needed.

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