Cabin Fever

I need to share with you the ‘not-so-lovely’ week I had.  Right before my Dad’s surgery, my youngest daughter Ann became sick.  She had a fever and a rash over her chest and back.  We took her to the doctor to discover that she had scarlatina Strep.  Which I find out through WebMD is also called Scarlet Fever.  “CRAP!” I thought while I was reading this.  But I did feel better in knowing that if treated it’s not as deadly as I had imagined.  So that gave me comfort in knowing that we were one step ahead of the game.

Ann was quarantined to the house and placed on bed rest and medicine. However, two days after Ann’s doctor appointment, I started getting sick.  I had a bad cough, congestion and chills.  So the day after my Dad’s surgery, I speak to him over the phone and neither of us could speak very well.  It was the mute speaking to the mute.

Instead of getting any better, I got worse.  My cough got worse, to the point it would shake my body when I coughed.  I had a headache, body ache, fever, chills…I was sick.  I made it to an Urgent Care later that evening and was diagnosed with Influenza  A.

Now this couldn’t have come at a worse time.  Ann was about to return to school after being out for two days.  Which was good, since Marie was scheduled to go to a school competition out-of-town that I had volunteered to drive for.  However, we had one of our good vans in the shop and it had not been fixed yet.  So I was hoping that the van would be repaired in time and Ann would be well in time for me to drive to the competition.

Then I get the flu!  What next?  I probably shouldn’t have asked, cause then my Dad gets admitted into the hospital and put on a ventilator.  My previous stories probably have you thinking that I am an unshakable woman of God.  Well, I’m not.  I am as human as the rest of you and all I wanted was my Mommy.  😦

My favorite saying is, “God works in mysterious ways.” and I’d have to say that he did not disappoint me this time around.  God knows what we need and how we react to things.  I look back now and know that all that transpired the last week was God’s divine mercy.  Some could say it was a test of faith, but I look at it as necessary distractions.

Ann had gotten over her strep and the weather caused the school competition to be postponed to the following Tuesday.  I was bedridden with the flu or at least I tried my best.  But any mother of four knows that it’s a little impossible to be sick and be a mom.  As much as I tried to delegate to the others in the house, I still ended up doing things that I shouldn’t have done.

Which is why my two sons were the next victims of the Influenza A.  So having me drive for Marie’s school competition that Tuesday was out of the question.  Which really bummed me out, cause I was looking forward to seeing her compete.  But I see now that God knew what was best.  Even though I was feeling better, I was not completely over the flu.  I would get drained easily and my patience threshold was a lot lower than it normally is.

I truly lost track of time.  There were so many people staying home from school and so many snow days being called, that I had no idea what day it was.  February went out as a blur and March came in as a blur.  So between illness and bad weather conditions, I have been home bound for too long.  I can see how people could get cabin fever during a blizzard.  It’s enough to make you go crazy.  But thankfully, I survived and the kids did too.  Oh, if you were wondering if Frank ever got sick…Yes he did.  See Frank, I told you I should have stayed in bed.  🙂  Surprisingly enough, Marie never did get sick.  Thank goodness.

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