Intro (Life After Layoff – Chapter 1)

Is there life after being laid off from a job that you have worked at for almost 15 years?  Yes, yes there is and it’s a good life.  How do I know this, because I am living it.  But do not get me wrong, my life is not all sunshine and happiness.  That is part of the reason I started this new topic on my blog, because there are things I need to vent about.  I hate to tell you this, but my blog is the only way for me to have a therapy session and not have to pay for it.  So if you are not in the mood to hear about my issues, just keep on scrolling past my post.  But if you want to see what life is like after layoff, then keep  an eye out for my new topic.  I am happy to report that there IS life after layoff and it’s a lot better than you would imagine.

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