Conquering Mother Gravity!

If you read my post, Mother Gravity, you will recall the intimate problem that I confessed.  The fact that I have no control of my bladder while jumping on a trampoline.  It’s true, when I jump up, my urine goes down.  Some might think that this would stop me from going to a trampoline park again.

Nah, not me.  My oldest son, Patrick, turned 10 years old this week and we held his birthday party at the Indoor Trampoline Park.  If I’m going to shell out the money for my son and his friends to jump, than I’m jumping too.  However, this time I came prepared.

In fact, I made sure everyone came prepared.  The morning of the party, I was washing clothes that were fine fitting for the entire family.  As for me, I also wore a long overnight maxi pad.  Nope, it was not that time of the month, but it was a necessity for this event.  Heck, I even stuck a backup pad in my pants pocket, just in case there was a need for it later in the day.

We arrived on time and greeted all of Patrick’s guest.  Then we put on our jumping socks and went jumping.  On the way to the party, I had posted on my Facebook timeline, “Let’s go jump like crazy kids and not care who’s watching.  I’m ready to fly.”  And that’s exactly what Frank and I did.

In order to have enough admission for all the kids to jump, I had to book a birthday package for 15-20 people.  However, there was a few extra spots available after all the kids arrived.  So I got a couple of parents to go jumping too.  It was a blast.

There were friends from Patrick’s class and some neighbor kids.  Plus some friends that Marie went to school with.  A couple of Patrick’s friends had younger siblings that attended, which was great because Ann and Christopher knew them from school.  So basically, our whole family had friends to jump with.  It was a great time and Patrick had an awesome party.

Since I didn’t need to worry about my bladder problem, I found myself noticing something different this time around.  As I was jumping, I couldn’t stop smiling.  You might be thinking, “That makes sense if you were having fun.”  However, that is not a typical thing for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always have a frown on my face.  But I don’t always have a smile on my face either.  In fact, I am leery of people who walk around with a smile on their face all the time.  It’s just not normal.  A person can’t be happy ALL the time…unless they are on drugs.  LOL

I love to laugh at silly things that happen to me and my family.  I also work hard at putting a smile on my kid’s faces if they are down.  But when I look in the mirror without TRYING to smile, I see my reflection has a perplexed or a sort of scowl on my face.  This is my normal look and I don’t know why.

I have read many times that it takes more muscles to frown then to smile.  I never thought that was true until the other day.  While I was jumping around on the trampoline smiling like a crazy kid, it occurred to me that maybe I was so focused on all the other muscles I was using that, I let my facial muscles have a break.  Or maybe I really was a crazy kid for an hour or so.  Either way, it was a ball.

I would have to say that the best part of the party was during the last 10 minutes of jump time we had left.  My oldest son and daughter had been in the dodge ball area most of the time.  I decided the best gift I could give my son was a chance to play dodge ball against his old mom.  So my husband and I found a vacant dodge ball court and started to play against my son and some of his friends.

Before the time was up, we had another parent and several more of Patrick’s friends join in.  That 10 minutes of dodge ball was a blast.  We all got hit, but there was a rule that no one could get out.  After our jump time was up, I realized that we should have started that game at the beginning of our time.  Maybe that’s what we will do our next time.  Because there will definitely be a next time.  After all, I conquered Mother Gravity!!

One thought on “Conquering Mother Gravity!

  1. “I couldn’t stop smiling” I bet your son couldn’t stop either! What a wonderful memory for the whole family.

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