Pennies From Heaven (Life After Layoff – Chapter 4)

You know that saying about pennies from heaven?  They say that when you find a penny on the ground, it’s a sign that someone in heaven is thinking about you.  After the day I had, that might be true.

I had a big day today, getting one step closer to my future job as a teacher.  When I was heading back to the job placement center after lunch, I found two pennies in the parking lot.  I picked them up, said thanks to my mom for the encouragement and walked in to talk to a college counselor.

Things went better than I expected and I left there with myself much closer to my teaching degree.  I was very pleased with myself.

Then I dropped a few books off at the library, before I picked up the kids from school.  It was then that I found another penny in the parking lot.  This time, as I picked it up, I knew it was mom’s way of telling me she was proud of me.  It brought a tear to my eye, knowing she was watching over me still.

Some people would tell me that those pennies were not from heaven.  They just fell out of a person’s pocket.  But I don’t believe that.  I believe that they are from my mom.

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