In God’s Time (Life After Layoff – Chapter 10)

I am amazed that God hasn’t given up on me by now.  He should be referring to me as a scatter minded woman who can’t make a decision, because that’s how I have acted.  But thankfully, God never gives up on his children.  What is it that has me so scatter minded?  What college to attend.

I started out with my search for a college more than a month ago.  I had my mind set on going to College A, because the tuition was cheaper and it seemed like that would be the best choice.  However, when I couldn’t get an appointment with an academics adviser at College A quickly enough, I started looking closer at what College B had to offer.  I had made an appointment with College A, however College B was able to get me in to see an academics adviser sooner.  So some time over night, my desires to attend College A switched to wanting to attend College B.  Just because they had a sooner opening on their calendar.

However, my youngest son became sick the day of my appointment at College B, so I had to cancel that appointment.  I was able to reschedule with College B and will be meeting with them next week.  Thankfully I still had my appointment set up for College A, which I went to today.

Do you see why God would think I’m pretty scatter minded?  I have two colleges that can give me the same result, but one might cost more than the other.  Due to the fact that one adviser can get me in sooner than the other was enough to switch my desire to attend that college.  Boy, do I need help!

Today I visited with the academic adviser at College A.  Now remember, College A was my first choice from the beginning.  Mostly because of the lower tuition cost.  It’s all about the money people…all about the money.  🙂

As I was driving to College A, I reminded myself that this was my first choice to begin with.  However it’s God’s choice that matters, not mine.  He has the plan for my future, I just have to be willing to show up for the events.  That is my conclusion on life anyway.

After visiting with the academic adviser at College A, I have determined that this might not be the college for me.  At least, that’s what I’m thinking now.  After my appointment next week with College B, I might be singing a new tune.  🙂

This is what I have discovered from my visit at College A:

  • The college is too far away.  It takes me 30 minutes to get to the campus from my house.
  • None of my earlier credits will be accepted.  So I will be starting over as a freshman.
  • About 14 classes can be taken at a Community College and transferred to this college.  Which means the tuition cost would be less for those classes.
  • Another cost that I’m not ready to deal with is textbooks!  I visited the bookstore before my appointment and couldn’t believe the cost of the textbooks.  I’m not talking about the new price either, I’m talking about the used or rented price.  Oh me, oh my!

So where does this leave me?  A little worried, a little confused, a little depressed and a little determined.  Worried, because I want to get my teaching degree as quickly as possible, so I can get a teaching job full-time.  Confused, because I just realized how wishy-washy I have been on this college decision.  One day I like this college, then the next day I change my mind.  Depressed, because I am still not sure what my future is going to bring.  Determined, because when I want something bad enough, I figure a way to get it done.

I also am very insightful, because this setback has made me remember that I wanted to try substituting at different schools before I started college and that hasn’t happened yet.  I have substituted many times this year at my children’s school, which is a Catholic school.  But I have not substituted at a public school or even at another Catholic school.  I have not tested the waters, so to speak, like I had planned to.

As always, it’s going to come together in God’s time…not mine.  So where do I go from here?

  1. Meet with the academic adviser at College B next week.
  2. Keep an open mind to what both colleges have to offer.
  3. Remember that I need to get more exposure to other schools, which won’t happen until this Fall.
  4. Remember that God is in control.

Number 4 is the biggest and toughest one to do.  I know he’s in control of the big things in life, but I have to remind myself that he’s also in control of the little things in life.  So for now, I will be thankful that I got a chance to meet with the academics adviser at College A.  I can take this information and compare it to the information I receive from College B next week.

I will try to stop speeding up the college process and know that it will all fall in place in God’s time.  Last, but not least, I will try to focus my energies on working with my kids this summer.  Teaching degree or not, I’ve got my own class of four to teach for now.  🙂

2 thoughts on “In God’s Time (Life After Layoff – Chapter 10)

  1. The text books will probably cost the same no matter where you go. It’s usually cheaper to order them online.

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