Best Mom Ever (Confessions of a Middle-Age Mom – Chapter 2)

Now that you know that my Grandmother was a pretty cool Elvis fan, you can see why my mom was such a great and hip mom.  Yes, I know I have sung my praises about my mom before.  But how many mothers do you know of that would take her entire family to a Bay City Rollers concert in the 70’s.  Well, I know of one woman who did and I fondly call her Mom.  🙂

When I was about Ann’s age, my sister was a teenager.  She loved the Scottish all-boy band The Bay City Rollers.  So of course, I loved them too.  Because if my sister, who was very cool in my opinion, liked them then I did too.  I guess the main appeal that The Bay City Rollers had, was they were a foreign band. Much like another band I happen to like and refer to as 1D. (just like the teeny boppers do these days)

I am really too young to remember all the details, but my sister tells me that our parents agreed to take our family to a Bay City Roller concert if she could earn enough money for the tickets.  This was in the 70’s when going to rock concerts were not heard of among the middle-class family scene.  I say middle-class, because we always seemed to have what we needed and wanted.  However, if I compared my dad’s income to a chart, we were probably more like the low-class family.  Needless to say, it was not heard of to do that sort of thing as a family.  As a young college kid who is trying to find themselves, yes.  As a child of a rich family, yes.  But to have a family of 6 go to a rock concert in the 70’s was not normal.  Or at least I don’t imagine it was.  But my parents were never the norm.  I didn’t realize that until I grew up, but I am so thankful that they weren’t.

So you could say that my mother was following in her mother’s footsteps.  Yet, she went a step further. She wasn’t watching Elvis Presley on a TV screen, in the comfort of your own home.  She was taking four kids (and husband in tow) to a rock concert.  I am the baby of the family, so that means that my older brother (closest to my age) would have been around 13-years-old.  My sister would have been at least sixteen years old, since she was old enough to get a job and drive to work.  So my oldest brother would have been around 17-years old.

Yes, you will see some similarities in our family make-up.  I am from a family of 6 and Frank and I happen to create a family of six.  My mother had her children in the following order: boy, girl, boy, girl.  Where I had my children in the opposite order: girl, boy, girl, boy.  If you want to go a step further.  My oldest sibling and I are 9 years apart in age.  Guess what, my oldest and youngest children are 9 years apart in age.  Do you want to be freaked out more?  If you look closely at the age difference of me and my siblings and Christopher and his siblings, they are sort of the same.  I have a brother 9 years older, a sister 8 years older and brother 6 years older than me.  Christopher has a sister 9 years older, a brother 6 years older and a sister 2 years older than him.  They are sort of the same, in the sense that Christopher has siblings that are 9 years and 6 years older than him.  Then if you look at the fact that my mom had her first two children 11 months apart and I had my last two children 18 months apart, you see that my mother and I share a sort of parallel existence in a way.  I definitely get my awesomeness from her, but I digress.

Back to the subject at hand, the fact that my parents took their four children (their daughters all decked out in plaid, because that’s what the group wore) to see The Bay City Rollers is really mind-blowing now.  At the time, I didn’t think twice about it.  But imagining the cost of driving us there, which was at least 2 hours away from home, and dealing with the crowds of young love-struck teenage girls.  Man, I had the best mom ever!

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