Wow…I Have A Following!!!

It’s official…as of yesterday I have 100 followers!  I can’t believe it, I have a following.  People actually like me enough to want to follow me. 

I’m really not one that likes to be followed.  For instance, my kids lately have been following my every move.  If I reach for the front door knob, they are wanting to know where I’m going. (Maybe that’s because I have threatened to run away many times this summer.)  :mrgreen:

However, my blog followers are different.  You guys are like my minions.  Wait…I’m not saying you look like a yellow twinkie with big eyes.  Or that you are a bunch of followers, wanting to assist in my evil plans.  No, you are my minions because you don’t say much and you follow me on my adventures without judgement.

So to all of my minions out there…thank you for following me.  You give me the inspiration to continue to share my life through the written word.  Your following makes me dig deeper than I plan to sometimes, to reveal more emotions than I ever knew I had.

Through my posts I have found a closer relationship with God, a way to heal from the loss of my mom and a way to see a deeper meaning behind my kid’s actions.

You, my minion friends, are my therapists and I’m very glad you are willing to listen to my ramblings.  You are very, very important to my life and I just want to say “Thank You”.

If you can find an ounce of wisdom in my words or a minute of laughter and joy in my stories, then I have done my job well. 

So thank you my minon friends, for being my followers and helping me hit that magical 100 mark.  And a special thank you to my minion friends Bob, Kevin and Stuart, for encouraging me through your comments and praises.  Every one of your comments have meant the world to me. 



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