My Role Model (Confessions of a Middle-Age Mom – Chapter 3)

Now that you see that my Mom rocked in her 30’s, lets fast forward a few years further.  I was probably Marie’s age when the most amazing singer from Australia was burning up the charts.  Yep, you guessed it…Rick Springfield.  Another confession I have to make, I was in love with Rick Springfield.  Partly because my older sister was in love with Rick Springfield.  Back in the day when music was heard on an album instead of a CD, we were singing our hearts out to ‘Jessie’s Girl’.  It was the 80’s and my parents had two incomes, but probably still in the same wage bracket as the 70’s.

My sister had bought some concert tickets from a friend of hers and without a blink of an eye, my mom was giving me the permission to go to the concert with her and a friend.  By now, my sister had graduated from high school and probably going to college.  So I was able to witness the most memorable time of my life, going to see Rick Springfield in concert.  We were in the nose bleed section, but that didn’t matter.  My sister will still tell me, “Even way up there, I know that Rick looked right at me.”  🙂  I’m sure he did Sis, because you were the coolest girl in that arena.  Have I told you lately that my mom and sister were awesome and I had the best childhood ever?

Now, let me fast forward to the 90’s.  I was a high school graduate and attending college at a nearby Community College.  I was in my 20’s and still lived at home.  This is when I started my secret obsession with a similar band like One Direction.  Only this all boys group was not foreign.  Well, they originated from the East Coast, so to this Mid-West girl their accents sounded foreign.  If you haven’t guessed by now, I am speaking of The New Kids on the Block.

Yes, I was a closet New Kids fan.  Why, you ask?  Because by the time The New Kids on the Block made it to my little town, I was in my early 20’s and I was supposed to be grown up and responsible.  New Kids had members that were younger than me and they had some hits that were classified as bubble gum pop.  So I was not able to confess my true love for the group.

No, this is one group I never saw in concert.  However, I know my mom spent more money than I care to think about on the numerous New Kids memorabilia and music CDs.  Looking back now, I think I understand why she did.  I think that she was enjoying the group as much as I enjoy One Direction now.  I think that through my love for the group, she was able to relive those younger days that had slipped away.  My mom would have been about 45 when I was obsessed with The New Kids on the Block.  So I see now that when she would buy some key-chains that had the New Kids on it for both of us, she wasn’t just trying to please me.  Here I thought I had to convince her to do so.  However, looking back I believe she was pleased to have a young daughter to share her love for the young music group.

I always knew my mom was cool, but I didn’t realize that she didn’t have to work at being cool.  She just WAS cool.  She was young at heart and I am so very, very grateful to God for sending me that type of mom.  Oh, how I miss her.  How I wish she could be here to see me follow her example and be young at heart with my daughter.  I know she is watching in heaven and is so proud of the mom I have become.  I’m not sure if she knows it or not, but it comes naturally to me, because I had such an awesome example to go by.

I know that Jesus is my life…my foundation.  But my Mom was the cement that kept me attached to that foundation.  Don’t get me wrong, I know my mom had flaws.  She was human and no one is perfect.  But in my eyes, she is not far from perfect.  My mom is the meaning of perfect.  If I can be half the mother that she was, I will die a happy woman.


4 thoughts on “My Role Model (Confessions of a Middle-Age Mom – Chapter 3)

    • She is awesome. She’s really not a One Direction fan, but she is going with me and the kids to help out. Plus she said she knows Harry will be looking right at her, even though we’ll be in a higher level like we were at Rick Springfield’s concert. :mrgreen: God blessed me with a great sister and I’m so thankful to have her in my life.

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