Can You Keep A Secret? (Confessions of a Middle-Age Mom – Chapter 4)

If you have read my last 3 chapters of Confessions of a Middle-Age Mom, you might be wondering what the point is to all this rambling.  It’s the only way I know how to explain my love for the all boy group One Direction.  Or maybe I should say ‘justify’ my love for One Direction.  It also helps me to confess another secret that I have kept for quite a while.  I have just announced to my children that we are going to be taking a trip to see my sister and her family in KC.  This news was well received, since they don’t get to see their cousins as much as they would like.  Heck, it’s been almost four years since our families have been together and unfortunately, that was for my mom’s funeral.

So Frank and I broke the news to them last Sunday, that I would be taking them on a trip the last week of summer.  Due to his work schedule, Frank will not be able to come on this trip.  No, this is not the ideal time to go, however, there is a reason for my madness.  The reason it has to be the last week of summer is because…


We are going to a One Direction concert!!  Eeeeeekkkkkkkkk!!!!!


I am following in my mother’s footsteps and taking my kids, along with my sister and my niece, to a One Direction concert in my sister’s hometown.  This little tidbit has still not been revealed to the kids yet, so keep it under wraps please.  I can’t bear hearing the constant questions about the concert yet, so we are going to wait to let the trip sink in first.  Besides, the kids are already driving me bonkers with questions about their Aunt’s house.

Although I would like to wait to tell them about the concert, it might need to be told sooner than that.  Because last night I started telling the kids that there are some things that we have that their Aunt’s house does not.  This is causing some of my children to want to stay at home with Dad.  LOL

I started off by telling them that we needed to bring a box fan with us, because my sister’s house does not have central air.  They were okay with that.  Then I told them that my sister has a pool, which is how they keep cool during the hot, sweaty days.  They loved that news, since we don’t have a pool.  When I mentioned to them that we would be sleeping on an air mattress in their basement, Marie was not liking that.  She said she’ll be sleeping on their couch.  I told her I really didn’t care where she slept, as long as it was free.  Ann said she doesn’t care where she sleeps as long as it is with me.  No surprise there.  The girl is almost physically fused to my hip and the first day of school is NOT going to be fun.

When I mentioned to Patrick that their Aunt does not have cable TV and probably doesn’t have WiFi either, he was ready to stay at home with Dad.  LOL  But I think I have him convinced to go, since my nephews, who are around his age, have an Xbox or Wii or something that they play video games on.  Since we don’t have either, that sounds pretty good to Patrick.

The other treat I told them about was that my Dad and Step-mom is going to make a trip to my sister’s house to spend a day with us.  I am the only child from my family that has not seen my Dad since we almost lost him this winter.  Call me chicken, but I wasn’t ready to see my Dad when he was that sick.  But thankfully, he has done well since they got back to their summer home and it would be awesome to see them both again.  Besides, it was a great plan (which I thought of) to give my kids and my sister’s kids a chance to see Grandpa.  Leave it to me to make the most out of a visit.

If I’m going to make this long trip (alone) then I am going to get as much as I can for my time and effort.  So I am planning on ending my kid’s summer off with a bang.  As a victory for surviving the summer with Mom, they are not only going to see their cousins.  They are going to their first official rock concert (I don’t think The Wiggles and The Doodle Bops count as a rock concert) with their cool Mom, Aunt and Cousin.  Plus, they get to see their Grandpa and Step-mom again.  What could be more memorable than that?

It saddens me that Frank can’t go with us, but I guess this is something God wants me to do on my own.  Oh Lord, after seeing this in print my emotions are mixed.  I am so excited I could burst and at the same time, scared to death.  I just read a blog from a college girl who went to three One Direction concerts in one weekend last year.  After reading some of her experiences there, I’m thinking to myself, “I must be out of my mind!”

I probably am out of my mind and this trip might be the death of me…but what a way to go!


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