What Was I Thinking? (Confessions of a Middle-Age Mom – Chapter 5)

You might be wondering why I purchased the concert tickets to One Direction. There were many factors that led up to that purchase.  My insanity being one of them.  But my mental state of mind shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

One reason was because when I caught the One Direction bug last year (it really feels like a virus that attacks your mind and makes you feel young again) the group was wrapping up a world tour and they had just been in our town to perform.  Just my luck, always a day late and a dollar short.  At that time, I had told Marie that if they came back to our town again to perform, I’d find a way to get us tickets for it.

When their “On The Road Again Tour” was announced, I was bummed to see that they were not going to be making a stop in our town this time.  However, that didn’t mean I couldn’t try to win tickets to an out-of-state concert.  My thought, however crazy it may sound, was this:  If I can win the concert tickets, then the price I pay for transportation to the concert would be the same as buying the concert tickets for a concert in town.  To a logical person, someone like Frank who hasn’t been bitten by the 1D bug, this theory didn’t make sense.  However, I think I have already mentioned that I’m not really sane any more.

I entered my name in a few contests in the U.S., but I discovered something that is probably not an issue to most families.  Most giveaways is for a quantity of 2 or 4 tickets per winner.  So how is a mother of four suppose to take her entire family to a concert?  There was one or two contests that were giving away an entire row, which would have worked out for us.  However, I never won the contests, so the quantity of free tickets is a moot point now.

So I had given up hope of taking my daughter to the concert this year.  Until…the planets came into alignment and I was handed the opportunity to make all our dreams come true.  So you see, there is a cosmic reason we must attend this concert.  (Yeah…cosmic.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)  There really isn’t an other logically explanation for it.  Well, the insanity plea, but I’m trying to make a fighting case for my actions, so bare with me.

I don’t remember what day it happened, but I remember the events that took place.  We were one month into summer and I had declared defeat on my summer school plan.  Things had went down hill somewhere and instead of seeing the summer as a great experience to test out my teaching skills on my kids, I saw the next month of summer as a jail sentence.  For a crime I didn’t do.  Okay, since I did give birth to these kids, I guess I did have a hand in it.  🙂

Needless to say, I was feeling sorry for myself.  I was with my kids 24/7 and it was really making me break. Then add in the fact that Frank was lucky enough to escape our house 5 out 7 days a week, it gave me a resentment for his life.  He got to be with other people, people who are not his children.  He got to be Frank, not Dad, for 9 hours out of the day.  How dare he GET to go to work while I am under house arrest with our four kids.  Yep, this was my mindset sometimes.  I didn’t factor in the long hours, hard labor or the heat he worked in every day.  I just saw the beautiful sight of freedom from this house that I was handcuffed to.

To summarize, my kids had finally pushed me over the edge and Frank, in my mind, was on a vacation 9 hours a day while I was under house arrest.  Then this magical post came across my Facebook wall.  It was announcing the On the Road Again One Direction Tour and they had a special deal on tickets.  A buy two get two free special, so to speak, that was going to expire in a few days.  However, I would need a total of 6 for my family to go.  But wait, there was also a buy 4 and get 4 free deal.

No, that is not enough of a justification to go to a 1D concert.  But wait, one of the stops on the tour was in my sister’s hometown.  Co-wink-a-dink?  I don’t think so. It was like the Heaven’s had opened up and I heard someone (maybe my Mom) say, It is time to see One Direction in concert.  (LMBO, boy my imagination is flying this today!)

So I had this seed planted in my mind.  It was like an Algebra problem:

1D + BOGO Free + Sister’s Hometown = Possibility

I really hate to pass up a good sale, but the strand of common sense that I had left was holding me back.  I couldn’t buy tickets to this concert, I am currently unemployed.  However…I did have some money saved in our credit union that would not be missed.  But no, I had to be responsible here.

Then Frank came home on THAT DAY (The day that would change our lives) and announced that WWE or Smack Down or some wrestling event was coming to town and he wanted to go to it.  He said the ticket price wasn’t bad.  My thoughts were: If you are going somewhere to have fun without me, then I am too!  No, this was not a logical thought, but it was the fuel that stoked the fire in me.

I could have said we would all go to the WWE thing.  But I really don’t care to go to it.  Frank watches it on TV and my kids (especially Marie) enjoys watching it with him.  However, it’s not something I want to subject my kids to.  No…a One Direction concert would be much more wholesome for my kids.  LOL  Hey, at least there won’t be two half-naked people wrestling around a stage at the 1D concert.  Or at least I don’t think there will.  😉

So I took the opportunity and gave Frank my 2-minute sales pitch.  I told him about the BOGO free deal to 1D.  How there was a concert where my sister lived and it was right before school started.  It was a way to see my sister and her family AND take the kids to a 1D concert to celebrate our victory for surviving the summer with each other.

Wouldn’t you know it, the day of the concert was the same day as the WWE event. So Frank probably thought, If I say okay and then announce that I can’t go with them on the trip, she will probably change her mind.  Boy was he wrong.  I was so ready to get out of that house, that I said I would go alone…with the kids…to see my sister and 1D.  This is a big step for me, for us, because Frank and I don’t take separate trips.  We have never ever took separate trips.  If we couldn’t all go, none of us went.  So you can see that sanity plea is still my best choice right now.  🙂

I said okay and he said okay and then I booked the tickets.  I was having trouble locking in the tickets at first, but with Frank’s help, I got the purchase completed.  And the rest is history…or should I say ‘the rest is future’, since the concert hasn’t happened yet.

So to answer my question, ‘What was I thinking?’,  I guess you could say I was thinking that I needed to have some sort of reward for surviving the summer spent with my kids.  I needed a victory party and I wanted One Direction to provide the music for it.  What a way to end a summer and possibly say goodbye to the last ounce of sanity that I possess.

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