Three Days & Counting (Confessions of a Middle-Age Mom – Chapter 7)

My kids have been counting down to the day we start our northbound trip to see the cousins.  Yesterday they announced that we have three days left.  Wait!  What?  Three days left?  I have so much to do and my time is running out.  And yet, here I am blogging when I should be working.  LOL  It reminds me of the embedded image that I have of my grandma (My mom’s mother) when we would visit my mom’s family on our summer vacation.  I would be laying on the living room floor with my siblings, waking up from last night’s sleep.  My Grandpa would have already been up with the roosters (so to speak) and was tinkering around the house, talking to himself and his toy poodle Pixie.  🙂

Mom would be sitting in the same chair she was sitting in when I fell asleep the night before and Grandma would be in ‘her’ chair.  In a span of an hour, I would hear her say at least a dozen times, “I got to get moving.  I have so much work to do.”  Then she’d reach for her big Love’s travel mug to get a sip of tea or something and the next thing she would do is reach for the phone and call someone up.  Most likely one of my aunts or uncles to announce that our family had arrived and they should come over for a family gathering to eat ‘Paul Bunyan burgers’ tonight.  LOL  Yep, I take after my Grandma.  I have so much work to do and yet I’m writing this post to my followers instead.  🙂

Anyway, I do have a lot of loose ends to tie up before our trip.  Mostly washing dirty laundry and helping the kids finish their summer homework so they won’t have to cram it in when we return from our trip.  Summer seemed like it would never end and now it seems like I’m hanging onto a locomotive that is running out of control.  I know that I am actually more ready than I think I am.  I just think of all the ‘other’ things that I should do and wish I had the time.

Baby steps, if my daughter taught me anything, it’s to take everything in baby steps.  I need to focus on the now and leave the future worries alone.  So I am currently focusing on what will happen tomorrow.  OH CRAP!  Is this really going to happen TOMORROW?  I guess it is.

Tomorrow is the day that Frank and I announce to the kids that we are going to see a few other people on our trip.  Four foreign bloaks known as One Direction.  I have kept the secret long enough.  I have wanted to tell my kids, especially Marie, so many times these past weeks but I have kept it a secret.

So how should we break the news to them?  Well, ordinary people would just give them the concert tickets.  However, if you haven’t figured out by now, my family is not ordinary.  At least I’m not!  :-p  So Frank and I have come up with the ultimate way to tell the kids about the surprise and get it documented for prosperity.

A professional photo session!  About a year ago, a parent from the kid’s school was setting up a Facebook page for her photography business.  She was trying to get her page known, so she had a giveaway for a free photo session to the Facebook person that could get the most friends to Like her page.  I ended up winning the free photo session, but we have never redeemed our prize…until now.

What better way to capture the kids reaction to the surprise then to have a photographer record it in pictures?  The photographer gave me the idea to have a documentary type photo session, instead of the traditional posed setting.  But where could we go to get photos taken at that would allow screaming kids?

Since it is so hot out right now, the idea of an outside outing is out of the question.  So we needed to get an inside venue that would allow screaming.  (Cause there is going to be some screaming when my kids hear the news.  Or at least there BETTER BE some screaming.)  After explaining what we had planned to the photographer, she suggested having the session at a bowling alley.  Which is great, cause we love to bowl and that won’t be something out of the ordinary for us.

So Saturday morning, my family will be going bowling…with a paparazi in tow.  The plan is to have her take pictures of us bowling together and then at the end of the session, we will tell the kids the secret and she will have it recorded on film.  I’m hoping that her older daughter will be with her to take a video of the event also.  This is going to be EPIC!  I think telling them about the concert is making me as excited as taking them to the concert.

Of course, I am a realist.  I know that my well laid out plan might and probably will back fire.  Someone, most likely Patrick, will probably be in a huff over something when we tell them the news and not all the photos will be filled with sunshine and happiness.  However, that is life and I am prepared for the possibility.  The kids know we are going to bowling tomorrow and that we are getting pictures taken, they just don’t know the rest of the story.

So tomorrow is bowling time.  It is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time.  But by tomorrow afternoon the cat will be out of the bag and my kids will know that they are not only going to see their cousins on this trip, but also One Direction.  And HOPEFULLY, they will also think that their Mom and Dad are the best parents on this earth.  I know, that is probably pushing it a bit…but a mom can dream!

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