My Niece Louise (Confessions of a Middle-Age Mom – Chapter 11)

I’ve mentioned to you before that my sister and niece are going with the kids and I to the One Direction concert. Since I’ve told you about my concert experiences with my cool sister, let me tell you about my cool niece. My niece is 23-years-old and has an adventurous spirit in her.
My niece told my sister and I to watch this show called Bob’s Burger. Specifically the episode called Boys 4 Now. It’s a very funny video about these two sisters going to a Boys 4 Now concert. After watching it, we determined my niece must be Louise, because Louise didn’t like the band, UNTIL she sees the band. LOL. That is why I decided to name my niece, Louise.
You see, my niece is not a One Direction fan, but she’s willing to go with us since her ticket is free. My sister said that Louise has been to enough concerts that she can be our translator. She can speak the concert lingo.
I mainly needed my sister and niece to come with me to man the stations, so to speak. I have four kids and they will not all be willing to go to the restroom together. I have to have additional adults with me to supervise everyone.
When one of my niece’s co-workers found out she was going to this concert, he wanted to know if she was going to be partying out of control. She told him that she couldn’t, because her little cousins would be with her. Louise told him that she was basically in control of her cousins, her mom and her aunt. LOL. I guess she figures my sister and I are going to have some sort of flashback and end up screaming like the rest of the teenage girls.
Last night my sister and I reminisced about our past crushes on boy bands. We even pulled up photos and clips on the computer to show the kids what our heartthrobs looked like. It was a very fun time, thinking back to our younger years. So maybe it’s a good thing if my niece Louise is in control. It’s been 14 years since I’ve been able to be out of control. So watch out guys, this is going to be my version of Mother’s Night Out and I’m ready to have fun!

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