Road Trip Baby! (Confessions of a Middle-Age Mom – Chapter 10)

It’s here, it’s finally here.. the day we leave for our trip.  As my kids slept in, I finished packing all the last minute things.  Okay, I actually packed the majority of the things on Monday morning.  Did I mention I hate packing???  The kids woke up on their own and by the time they all were dressed I was ready to go.  I had done some last minute cleaning before we left.  I didn’t want Frank to arrive home to a messy place.  It wasn’t spotless, but at least he wouldn’t trip over anything.  I also made a few notes from the kids and placed them around the house for him.  Things like, “Don’t forget to feed the dog.  (Please don’t kill my dog.)  xoxoxo  Marie” and “Make sure you eat (But not too much)  xoxoxo  JoAnn.”

We left the house around 10AM, but we had to make two stops before heading out-of-town.  First to a store to get some necessities.  Things like soap, sunglasses and headphones.  Then a stop to Frank’s work, so the kids could tell him good-bye.  Then we were on the road baby!

The trip went better than I expected.  There were a few attitudes that needed to be adjusted at first, but for the most part it was good.  We had to stop about every hour to find a restroom, which was fine, because I needed the break from driving.  The pit stops went relatively well.  There was some moments when I had to threaten Christopher with his life, but it all worked out good.

We got to my sister’s house before sundown.  The kids were excited to see their cousins and go swimming.  I was just thankful to be out of the driver’s seat and wanted water.  The cousins took a bit to bond, but before you knew it, they were playing with each other.  It was a good day spent with family and all in all, I was happy we made the trip.

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