What Are We Searching For?

Lately, I find myself on my phone searching.  I might be scanning my email or scrolling through my Facebook notices, but I’m searching for something.  The problem is, I don’t know what I’m searching for.  With modern technology, a person has all the social media they need at their fingertips.  They carry this little or sometimes medium size box (Frank’s new cellphone is like the size of a mini tablet) in their pocket, purse or hand at all hours of the day, like it is another appendage that we can’t live without.

Before you start creating a bonfire to burn me from a stake for speaking out on cellphone addiction, let me tell you that I too am addicted.  I am ashamed to say that I recall at least one time in the past, when I had a desk job, where I had driven home on my lunch hour to get my cellphone.  It’s part of me, it has all my contacts and important dates in it.  (Yeah, that’s the reason!  Hahaha)

Let’s face facts, your cellphone is like your best friend.  It is the vehicle that allows you to communicate with anybody and everybody you want to be connected to.  With the exception of loved ones that have died.  (They really need to make an app for that.)  However, it can also be like your worst enemy, by sucking up too much time out of your life.

Some people only have a cellphone for talk service, where others have text and data service too.  Until Frank and I found a great phone plan that had unlimited talk/text/data service, we only had talk service.  Our cellphones, back then, were used to reach each other exclusively, with an occasional call to a long distance number if we were at work.  But once we got the unlimited package, our world was opened up to so many possibilities.

We had the opportunity to text to each other and eventually to friends that also could text.  Not to mention the wonderful world of Facebook.  Frank and I had Facebook at home on our computer, but now we have Facebook in the palm of our hands 24/7.  What a wonderful thing…or is it????

Facebook can be like a God-send or it can be like Satan’s spawn, depending on who your friends are and what you do with the information you see.  I have been blessed with the power of Facebook in my darkest hours, but I also have found myself scrolling through posts for long periods of time searching for something.  However, I don’t know what that something is.  So is that Satan’s way of taking me away from my family and friends, trying to find that hidden treasure that may or may not exist?  I wonder.

As I think about the endless information that you can find on Facebook and how we find ourselves scrolling through it all the time, it makes me think of the Bruce Springsteen song, 57 channels (and nothing on).  I’m afraid to say that Facebook has taken over the spot of flipping through the channels of a TV, endlessly searching for something good to watch.

The only difference is that Facebook has a more personal side to it.  Instead of scanning through TV shows that you may or may not recognize, you are scanning through photos and videos of your friends and their loved ones.  With some commercials (aka: cartoons and jokes) stuck inbetween them.  People, think about this…Facebook is really one big reality show that could be aired on TV.  But instead of viewing it from your home, you are viewing it anywhere you happen to be standing, sitting or even laying at the time.

I have a strong urge to ask all my readers to ban together and rise up against this monster we call Facebook.  To yell from the rooftops, “Facebook will not suck any more time out of my life!”  But who am I kidding?  I’m addicted to Facebook and I can’t make it one day without it.  It’s like a life line to me.  It’s my connections with my family and friends…and the One Direction Facebook page.  ☺

But that does not mean I have to let it take over my life.  So I am going to make a conscious effort to limit my scrolling time.  If I have looked at my notifications and casually scanned the recent posts from my friends, then I need to put down the cellphone and take a step back.  I need to stop myself from endlessly scrolling through Facebook posts, looking for that one thing that will make my life whole.  I’m pretty sure that what I’m looking for is not going to be found there.

If any of you can relate to what I have just written, I urge you to do the same thing.  Try to view your life without Facebook for a change.  Try to look around you and actually speak to the people who are physically there in your presence, instead of searching for the post from your long-lost acquaintance that may or may not remember you.

If you find yourself with extra time on your hands, try reading a good book or blog.  Like say…mylifewith4children.wordpress.com  {I even hear the blogger has a good e-book coming out soon.} 😉

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