New Sub in Town (Life After Layoff – Chapter 28)

Last month, I spent two days being a substitute teacher at a different school!  What class did a teach?


This is totally comical, because I don’t have an ounce of athletic ability in my bones.  However, I have enough love for teaching to give it my best shot.  After seeing the reaction of the kids on the second day, I must have done a good job.

This is a big step for me…since the only place that I have subbed at is my own children’s school.  But this is one of my goals, to experience teaching in different environments.  I need to make sure that I really love the interaction with all kids and not just the ones that my kids are friends with.  I want to make sure it’s not just the comfortable, family feel of my children’s school that I love being in.

You see, all of my children have grown up at that school.  Our family has a history there and with the exception of the new teachers and new students that have joined this year, our family knows everyone.  So I need to make sure it’s not that familiar, community aura that is making me love to teach.  I need to make sure that I still enjoy the teaching experience when I don’t know anyone there.  Because the whole love of teaching could actually be the pleasure of belonging to a group of people who you feel comfortable with.

So I stepped outside of my comfort zone and was the substitute teacher at a different Catholic school and I still loved it!  It was a little bit harder, since I was not familiar with the building or the kids.  So I had to ask for help more than I have ever had to last year.  Not to mention the fact that I didn’t know any of the kid’s names.  So I was having to call out, “Hey, you in the green shirt.  Stop doing that.”  Where at my kid’s school, I could call out most of the children’s first and last names without anyone’s help.

But, for the most part, I did good.  I learned the names of the students that needed that extra attention and supervision.  (Translation:  Those kids that pushed the limits and needed to be called out for actions they knew they shouldn’t be doing.)  Those were the ones that I could call by name by the end of the class period.  But the other kids were only identifiable by their faces, not their names.

By the time I finished my second day as the P.E. teacher, I knew that I would love teaching no matter where it was at.  Or at least, I would love teaching at any Catholic school.  I still need to experience substituting at a public school.  But I’m not sure I am ready for that…yet.

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