You Are Where You Are Supposed To Be! (Life After Layoff – Chapter 30)

This month, I had the pleasure of returning to the same school that I had been a substitute P.E. teacher at.  Yet, this time it was for the Art teacher.  I had worked a few days for her and then I was called back a week later to work a whole week for the Art teacher.  I really enjoyed substituting for Art class, because I got paid to use markers and crayons.

When I sub for a teacher, I have a habit of writing notes to the teacher to let them know of any odd things that might have happened during their absence.  That way, the teacher is not returning into the classroom and getting blindsided by something the students might report to her.  When I returned back the second time for the Art teacher, I had a feeling that I needed to leave her a different type of note.

When I wrote this note, I had no intention of sharing it with anyone except the person that I addressed it to.  However, after I read over what I had written, I realized that this note was not only meant for her…but for me too.  The message came from my heart and I realized that I still have some emotions about my mom’s death that I have not fully addressed.  So I decided that I needed to share this message with my blog followers, because I believe others might need to hear it too.


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I pray that my note to the Art teacher helped her.  Hopefully, it also helped one of you.  When things get rough, we need to stop and think of what the important things are in our life.  Will we be pleased with our decisions when that special person is gone?  Jobs will come and go, but you only get one Mom and one Dad.  If you are faced with a situation like this, follow your heart and remember…You Are Where You Are Supposed To Be.



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