Mom’s a Snitch & Proud Of It! (It Takes a Village – Chapter 1)

Have you heard the saying, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’?  Well that is very true.  Yet, the roles that we all play in a child’s life are different.  Although the parents are expected to be the authority figure in their child’s life, there are other adults, like teachers, that have a big impact on your children too.  Which is why I had to snitch on my kids the other day.  Like they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat!

Incident #1 happened earlier this week with my dear and loving son Patrick.  We were headed to school the other morning and everyone was in their normal chipper moods.  {Insert a LOT of sarcasm here!!!}  Anyway, the kid’s were getting out of the van and Patrick was angry about life in general, partly because he was tired and didn’t want to go to school.  As he grabs his backpack from the van, he asks me if I placed this little plastic container in his backpack for him.  I told him no and explained that I didn’t know I was supposed to be in charge of that duty.  He huffs around in the parking lot, arguing that he asked me to do it this morning.  Then he calls me a not so nice word (another word for donkey) and storms off to school.

Okay, I get that he is mad and the fact that he calls me a ‘donkey’ doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that he says it loudly in the school parking lot (correction, the Catholic school parking lot).  So I get the little kids into their classroom and before I leave Ann’s classroom, I tattle on my son.  🙂

Ann’s teacher, which is also Christopher’s God-mother, is a good friend of mine.  She always asks how I am doing and she knows that I will tell her the truth.  So when she inquired about my morning, I told her in a quiet whisper how my oldest son called me a ‘donkey’ in the school parking lot.  She stifled a grin and gave me kudos for not murdering him on the spot.  Then I went home to get some cleaning done.

Little did I know that my good friend would take it upon herself to guide my son a little bit that day.  After school, while I was picking the kids up, Ann’s teacher tells me that she put a bug in my son’s ear today.  When I asked her what type a bug, she told me that she had pulled Patrick aside and told him that she knew what he called me this morning and that his mother works her buns off to help care for him and he needs to be a little more Christ-like and practice the fifth commandment to ‘Honor your father and mother’.  I appreciated her helping me out.  God knows I try my best, but sometimes my kid’s don’t notice that.

The comical thing is that when Ann’s teacher told Patrick “A little birdie told me you called your mom a bad name this morning.”, he thought the little birdie was his little sister.  LOL  So when I mentioned to him later that I heard he had a talk with Ann’s teacher, he blamed Ann for tattling on him.  I was quick and happy to correct him and tell him that I was the one that told on him, not his little sister.  He then called me a ‘donkey’ again and I laughed.  Why did a laugh, because this time he said it in a joking tone in the privacy of our home.  I’m okay with that.  It’s when the name is used in anger, in public, that I have a problem with it.  Besides, I’ve been known to refer to him as a ‘donkey’ from time to time too.  I guess you could say it is a term of endearment in our household.

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