Before One Direction (Confessions of a Middle-Age Mom – Chapter 17)

As I was looking at a website about One Direction kicking off their concerts at O2 Arena this week, I found a link that caught my eye.  As I mentioned in the past, as a child, I was a big Bay City Rollers fan.  Well guess what…After 40 years of being apart, The Bay City Rollers are reuniting at Glasgow’s Barrowland on December 20th.  The link below has a comical quote by Woody Stuart, who said that The Bay City Rollers “were bigger than One Direction”.

Bay City Rollers Comeback (<– Click link to read the article)

As soon as I read about the comeback, I had to tell my big sister.  If it wasn’t for her hard work, we wouldn’t have ever had a chance to go to their concert all those years ago.  My sister said she thinks we should give ourselves a special Christmas present and fly to Glasgow to see them perform again.  LOL  Although I was thinking the same thing, I know that isn’t going to happen.   However, there has been so much interest in their comeback concert that now a world tour is being discussed.  Hmmm, do you think they will be performing anywhere near us, Sis?

As my sister and I were chatting back and forth online about The Bay City Rollers, she brought up a good question.  She wonders how many moms that are One Direction fans use to be Bay City Rollers fans as teenagers.  That is a good question, so I am going to see if I can get some feedback from my blog followers about this question.  So if you are an adult fan of One Direction, please answer my poll question.  I want to see if I have other amigos in the blog world that share the same love for The Bay City Rollers songs like Bye Bye Baby and Shang-a-Lang.

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