Craig’s List Rookie (Life After Layoff – Chapter 32)

My husband and I are both new to the Craig’s List experience.  My sister and other people who I know have sold things on Craig’s List, so I thought I would give it a try.  I had a girl’s toddler bed that Ann no longer needed.  It was too big to try to sell it on Ebay (I didn’t want to deal with the shipping), so I thought I would try listing it on Craig’s List.

The toddler bed and mattress was in good shape, so I decided to try to get some money for it.  I am a big donator to Catholic Charities and have been known to give everything from clothes to furniture in the past.  However, I have recently discovered that I am about to deplete my unemployment benefits, so every little bit earned is welcomed in our household.

Yes, I have worked as a substitute teacher a lot lately, but I won’t see a paycheck for a week or so from now.  Plus, I haven’t been able to work this week, because my kids are out of school for Fall break.  So like I said, every little bit of money is appreciated.

Believe it or not, I was about to adjust the amount I was asking for the toddler bed down a bit, because I had not had anyone contact me on it.  Until last night, that is.  I arranged for a person to meet me at a local library parking lot to make the sale.  I didn’t want to have the person come to my house, just in case they were some psycho.  So I picked a public place a few blocks from our house.

The person that contacted me couldn’t meet me until after 7:00pm.  That was fine, because that meant that Frank could go with me on this adventure.  However, I didn’t want the kids to come with us.  For one reason, I had the toddler bed still assembled and there was no room for the kids to sit in the back of the van.  The other reason, I really hated to have all of our family get wiped out by some psychopath Craig’s List killer.  (Yes, that sounds morbid, but you never know these days.)

So I asked our neighbors and their teenage kids next door to watch our kids for a few minutes.  Yes, we have teenagers that live next door and they are a true God-send.  But that is another story for another day.  So without the kids in tow, Frank and I load up the toddler bed and mattress and head to the library.

Here Frank and I are sitting in the library parking lot, correction, CLOSED library parking lot in the dark.  We are parked in the parking lot, waiting for our ‘contact’ to arrive.  LOL  It felt a little like a drug deal or something.  LOL

A car pulls in and parks and Frank comments that this must be our buyer.  A woman gets out of the car, so I step out of my van.  The woman walks towards the library with some books in her hands, so I get back into my van.  LOL  I felt a little embarrassed at that moment.  I laughed out loud and said to Frank, “Well, that obviously is not our buyer.  And here I was about to ask her if she was the one interested in a toddler bed.”

The woman dropped off her library books and leaves.  I sit in the van and laugh hysterically as I ask Frank, in a creepy voice, “Hey little girl, would you like a toddler bed.”  LOL  Yes, at that moment in time, I realized that this was the weirdest thing Frank and I have done.  Sitting in a library parking lot, in the dark, with a toddler bed in the back, waiting for an unknown buyer.  Right about then another car pulls up.  Yep, a car…NOT a van.  I have a toddler bed in the back of my van and I’m thinking, “Crap, this is not going to be good.”

The passenger in the car opens their car door, so I opened mine.  The young lady asked if I was the one from Craig’s List and I said yes.  Then I break the news to her…that the bed is not disassembled.  The driver asked if I was joking and I had to tell her no.  But I’m always willing to figure something out.  So I tell the young lady that I might have a screwdriver in my emergency kit.  Yep, I had two screwdrivers, but they were both flat-head screwdrivers.  Guess what, I needed a Phillips screwdriver.  Wouldn’t you know it.

What now?  Well, I knew that had a Phillips screwdriver at home.   So I offered to run to the house and get a screwdriver to take the bed apart, if she would be willing to wait for me.  She was, so Frank and I ran home and got a Phillips screwdriver and returned back to the library parking lot.  In a short period of time, I was able to get the headboard removed from the bed frame and we managed to get the bed frame placed in the back seat of their car.

So what did I learn from this experience?  A. Ask the buyer if they want it disassembled before we meet for the transaction.  B. The library parking lot might not be the best drop off spot.  (At least I shouldn’t be willing to asking the first person that comes along if they want a toddler bed.  Since some people might actually be there to drop off books.)  LOL  C. Always bring extra tools, just in case.

The adventure worked out well.  I got more money in my pocket.  There was two less items taking up space in the kid’s closet.  And a little girl would be able to enjoy a toddler bed that Ann used to enjoy.  It was a win-win-win situation.

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