First Games of the Season

Friday night arrived and it was an exciting place in our household.  It was game night for the 5th Grade Volleyball team AND my first time as Head Coach.  Frank had volunteered to be my Assistant Coach, since the teacher who was at all of our practices would be keeping score during the game.  I was very glad to know my husband would be by my side during the game, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was a little worried that we might end up stepping on each other’s toes.  You see, my husband is a big sports fan and I am not.  I don’t care if the kids win or lose, I just want them to play the game.  My husband loves sports so much that he will yell at the refs that are on the TV when he’s at home watching sports.  I often like to remind him that they can’t hear him, but he does it anyway.  🙂

As I have said before, “God works in mysterious ways.” and this time was no exception.  Having Frank by my side during the volleyball games turned out to be just what I needed.  It was good to have two set of eyes on our seven players.  Seven players don’t seem like a lot to deal with, but when you add the new environment, the ref, the cheering crowd and the opposing team, it all adds up to a big amount of noise and action.  So I was very grateful to have my husband standing by my side during the games.

There were many victories that night.  Having all seven players show up for the game was the first victory in my mind.  It seemed to just get better from there.  We won our first game, to my surprise, and it wasn’t an easy win.  Our team would gain some points and then the other team would fight back and catch up.  So it was a true competition, not a massacre by any means.

To my surprise and probably theirs too, my two new recruits had a few good bumps and serves during the game.  In fact, our whole team did and considering the fact that this was the first time the whole team was together, they really did work as a team.  I did my best to talk them up on the sidelines and kept reminding them to “Shake It Off” like the Taylor Swift song goes, whenever they made a mistake and started to get down on themselves.

We walked away from both games that night the victors.  I was pleased and very surprised.  We had only won 1 game last years and that was towards the end of the year.  So to have two games in our pocket at the beginning of our season was pretty sweet.  It was a great way to start out the season and to get my two new recruits hooked enough to stay with the team for the rest of the season.  Maybe this coaching thing will work out after all.  Only time will tell.


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