I am new to the whole blogging world, so please be patient with me.  I have been told by my co-workers that I should write a book about all the funny stories I tell them about my kids.  The problem is, I don’t normally have five minutes to myself so when am I suppose to write a book.  So one of my friends suggested I write a blog instead.  So here it goes.  I will first tell you that all names and locations have been changed to protect the innocent and the not-so-innocent.  However, all of the stories I will share with you are true.  They are too crazy not to be true.  : )

There are a few reasons why I decided to blog about our life.  First, I do it for my kids.  Yes, some of these stories may embarrass them (which is why I am not telling you their real names), but one day when they are older and I am gone, they will be able to read about the things they did as a child and hopefully laugh about them.  And hopefully they will remember what a great mom they had.

Second reason is because I lost my mom a few years back to cancer.  She was my best friend and the first person I would call and tell these stories too.  And now that I don’t have her here anymore, I feel a void in my heart and no matter how many people I tell a story to, it doesn’t feel complete because I can’t tell her.  I am hoping this will help fill that void.  I don’t know how to explain it, but when my mom was alive it seemed like the things my kids had done didn’t really happen until I had told my mom about them.  She would laugh and tell me it would be okay.  I had the best mom in the world and I miss her each and every minute of the day.  She left this world way too young as far as I am concerned.  She was only 69.  So in her memory I am dedicating this blog.

The third reason is, I believe there are many mothers out there that think they are the only ones going through this wonderful adventure called “Parenthood” half blind.  They think they are the worst mother ever and don’t understand how everyone else, especially their mothers, can do such a good job without even a drop of sweat showing.  I was one of those mothers, until I spoke to other mothers that told me stories about their kids that sounded a whole lot like mine.  So hopefully you might read something here that will make you realize you are a better mother than you thought you were.  I only ask one thing.  Please do not criticize me for anything I am about to tell you.  If you don’t agree with my methods of parenting, please keep your opinion to yourself.  If you have a valuable tip that I could use or just want to say “I’ve been there myself” then please leave your comments.  I am not saying that I am proud of everything I have done as a mother.  I know I have made mistakes and hope that I taught my children what it is like to be humble and admit when I am wrong.  But I don’t need any verbal abuse from a perfect stranger, believe me, I can deal my own guilt cards pretty well.  With that said, I hope you find some laughter in my families mishaps.

Sincerely, JoAnn Williams

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