A lot has happened since I have last blogged and hopefully with time I will get a chance to document it all.  But at the moment, my mind is on Marie and the changes that has happened in the last month.   Don’t worry, all the changes have been good, but they have been changes all the same.  On the second week of May, my first-born celebrated her 8th grade graduation.  I know that 8th grade graduation is not a real huge life changing thing for most people, but for our family it is.  Graduating from 8th grade means that Marie will be leaving the small, Catholic-based, safe haven that she has known for 10 years and continuing her education at a much bigger, public school setting.  However, that is a topic for another blog.  The only reason I mention it here is because that event was the beginning of the many changes in Marie’s life…and mine.

My mother-in-law was able to fly out for the 8th grade graduation and when she flew back home, she was not alone.  Marie was given a special 8th grade graduation gift, thanks to her grandparents.  She was given the chance to spend a month of her summer with her grandmother on the East Coast.  This was partly thanks to Frank’s father, who passed away in October 2016.  Months before my father-in-law passed way, we had visited the East Coast and Marie had expressed her hope to spend some time with them during the summer.  It would give her a chance to spend time with her grandparents plus an uncle, aunt and two cousins, whom she does not see often.  So my father-in-law made sure that our daughter got to have that wish come true, even if he had to watch it from Heaven.  So my 15-year-old took off on a new adventure, many, many miles away.  The fact that she has never slept away from home for more than one night, with the exception of the week she was in the hospital, is HUGE!  Which is what leads me to this new series in my life called ‘Staying Connected’.


Free Book Offer – Act Now!!

In the spirit of Christmas, I have decided to make my book “Baby Steps of Faith – Marie’s Story” free for a limited time.  So please spread the word and help me get the word out.  I won’t get any royalties from the free book offer, but I will hopefully get my book read.  That is my main goal…to get Marie’s Story out.

This is a perfect time for those of you that have read my blog while I was originally writing the story to get a complete version of Marie’s Story.  You should still be able to get my book, even if you are not in the United States.  So check it out.  Merry Christmas to you all.


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Free Book Offer

New Facebook Page…Please Like

Since I have been having trouble with the whole name search thing on Facebook, I have created a new Facebook Page for my followers to LIKE.  Hopefully this will be much easier for everyone to find.  Try going  to the Facebook search box at the top of your Facebook page and type the following:

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It should get you to a page that looks like this:

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This is where you can find any new and exciting news about my book.  If you are a Facebooker (Not sure if that’s even a word??) and you like my blog, please, please, please like my page and invite your friends to like it too.


P.S.  I’m still walking on air from the whole published book thing.  I like this feeling so much, I’m trying to figure out what my next book should be about.

My Dream Has Came True!!!

My dream of publishing Marie’s Story has finally came true.  I just got notification that my book has been published on Kindle Direct Publishing!!!  I have created my first e-book.  I am so excited that I feel like doing a jig.  🙂

Many of you have read Marie’s Story from its infancy, here on my blog.  Your interest and comments is what kept me writing.  So I would like to thank all of you for giving me the confidence to publish my book.

Anyone who is interested in reading the final product can buy a copy at the Kindle Store on Amazon, by clicking on the following link:

Baby Steps of Faith – Marie’s Story

Some things have been added or modified from the first draft and I am very proud of how it turned out.  To those of you who have recently started following my blog, I hope you find this book as interesting as my current posts.

There is one favor I need to ask my followers.  I have created a Facebook account to help promote my new book, but I don’t have any Friends yet.  😦  I was hoping to get my followers to friend me on Facebook and then share my posts to their friends, in hopes to get the word out about my book.  So for anyone that is willing to send me as friend request on Facebook, please search for the following Facebook account:




If you find my blog inspiring and feel that others would benefit from Marie’s Story, please pass this info on to your friends.

One other way you could help me out, is by writing a review on Amazon to help promote my story.  Thank you again, for helping my dream come true!

When The Shoe Is On The Other Foot (It Takes A Village – Chapter 4)

Lately, my two oldest kids have walked home from school.  That is not a problem, since we just live down the block.  I go to pick them all up and as I drive the two smaller ones home, the two bigger ones walk home together.  I figure it’s good that they are getting exercise and I am hoping they are bonding a bit on the walk home.

This week the two oldest kids have also gotten dressed and ready to go to school without a fight.  Marie has always been easy to get up, for the most part, but for Patrick it’s like pulling teeth out of a lion’s mouth.  Very painful and very loud.  So when Patrick started getting up on his own and being ready to leave on time, I was shocked and impressed.

When that happens, I have been willing to drive the older two to school early if the other two won’t get out of bed.  It’s a reward for the two that got up without a fight and a motivational tool to get the other two sleepy heads out of bed faster.  However, I would really like to have all of them up and ready to go at the same time.  But beggars can’t be choosers.  You know what I mean?

So the other day, I decided to give the two oldest kids some extra independence.  They had 15 minutes before school started and instead of driving them there, I gave them the option to walk to school if they wanted to.  Personally, I would have ridden to school, considering the fact that it’s an uphill walk.  I told them I would drive them, but if they wanted to walk, they could.  So they chose to walk to school together.

Having the two older ones walk to school for the first time was a bit scary, but I knew I would be right behind them as soon as I had the other two up and dressed.  Plus, I used this opportunity as a way to get the two little ones up faster.  I told them that we needed to get moving, so we could beat their siblings to school.  They liked the idea of waving at their siblings as they were walking up a hill.  LOL  Yes, there is much love in our household.  LOL

So I got the kids dressed and out the door in record time.  There was about 7 minutes left before they were going to be late.  We got in the van and headed up the hill.  I was a little worried at first when I didn’t see the two older kids walking.  But as we got to the top of the hill, we saw them stepping onto the outskirts of the church property.

As we drove by, I slowed down some and rolled down the window.  I asked them if they wanted a ride, but they refused.  Patrick was several feet ahead of Marie and Marie was whining for him to wait for her.  They were carrying their backpacks, which I had offered to bring to school for them, but they declined the offer.  So we pulled into the school parking lot and waited for the two older kids to catch up.

As we walked into school together, with 4 minutes to spare, I realized that their tennis shoes were soaked from the morning dew.  You see, they didn’t cross the street to walk on the sidewalk, because the morning traffic on that street was busier than normal.  So they walked on the side closest to our house and the school…in the wet grass.  Yep, Mom messed up on that one.  But it was something that could be solved.  As I said goodbye to all of them, I promised to return in a minute with some dry shoes and socks to change into.

It wasn’t until I was driving home, that I realized that this was the opportunity I was looking for.  My sister had given me this idea, to show my kids what I go through every time they make me late for work.  This was the perfect time to give my two oldest kids a little life lesson.  So I grabbed their shoes and socks and headed back to school on a mission.

When I got there, I found the kids and helped them get their shoes changed.  While I was helping them, each individually, we had the following conversation:

“Hey, remember how you felt walking to school this morning?”,  I asked.

They replied, “Yeah.”

Then I said, “How you were sort of stressed and worried about being late for school?  And then when you got there, you were really tired and out of breath from the walk?”

Each one of them answered, “Yes, I remember.  I was warned out.”

I replied back, “Well, that is the way I feel every time I am late for work, because you won’t get out of bed to get to school on time.  So the next time I tell you that I need you to work with me, because I am going to be late for work, I want you to remember this feeling.  Then maybe you will be a little more willing to help me out in the morning.”

They nodded their head in agreement.

Then I returned them to their class and walked out of the door, feeling pretty damn pleased with myself.  Now, they might not remember this later when I need them to.  But for one brief second, they witnessed the type of stress I deal with every time I try to get everyone to their proper places in the morning.  It’s like trying to move a mountain sometimes and it really makes me tired.  And I wonder why I’m so tired all the time.  Maybe from some unnecessary stress???

I would like to give my sister a shout out for the idea.  I don’t know what I would do without you, Sis!  You really have filled Mom’s shoes well and I’m very thankful for having you in my life.

Big Step Forward

Yesterday I took a big step forward towards my dream of publishing my book and I have the ants to thank for it.  No, that wasn’t a typo.  I didn’t mean aunts.  I meant ants, as in piss ants.  You know, the ones that crawl on your kitchen counter just to drive you crazy?  My mom use to call them piss ants, cause they really knew how to piss you off!

Thanks to those little piss ants, I was forced to be out of my house for four hours yesterday.  Because they had taken over more than just my kitchen this year.  They had invaded my bathroom and living room too.  Not to mention, the party they were having in Patrick’s room.  (Patrick will be a great host one day, if he continues to supply his guests with as many munchies as he’s been supplying the ants in his room.)

I had tried putting out bait traps, but that didn’t seem to permanently solve the problem.  So I had no choice but to bomb the house.  Yep, I set off a number of bug bombs in the house, in hopes of regaining my house back from the ants.  Which meant I had to find something useful to do for the next 4 hours.  Normally, I would tinker around the house and eventually find myself napping in the middle of the day.  LOL  Yes, I know it’s sad…but it’s true.

But yesterday, I had to go outside of my box (actually house) and find a place to park my caboose for four hours.  So I went to our local library.  In order to stay awake in a public place, I decided I would do the one thing that I had been unconsciously avoiding.  I started finalizing my book.

Over the summer, I had two lovely ladies proofread my book for me.  However, I had put their recommendations on the back burner, until summer was over and the kids were back in school.  Yet, the first week of school came to an end last week and I had not touched the book.  This week was half way over and I still hadn’t touched the book.

What was I waiting for?  Why was I unconsciously avoiding the completion of my book?  I guess it was out of fear.  Fear that I put my book out on the e-book market and nobody buys it.  Plus, there is a little bit of a possession issue I am struggling with.  This book is like my baby, I don’t know if I want to share it with anyone else.  Yet, in the next breath I take, I want to shout the news from the rooftops that I have written a book that I want everyone to read.

But what if they don’t read it?  What if no one gives a damn about a book that I wrote about my daughter’s struggle with a brain tumor?  Then what?  I guess that is what I have been fighting with in the back of my mind.  That is why I have been dragging my feet.

Well, the answer is, it doesn’t matter if no one reads my book.  Because the original reason I wrote the story was to give it to my daughter, so she could read it when she is older.  That goal has already been met.  I have her story saved electronically and printed on paper.  The fact that I publish the story is just one more guarantee that my daughter will have access to the story later in life.

So no matter how many people read my book, as long as Marie does, then I will have succeeded at my goal.  I guess piss ants ARE good for something…they may be tiny, but they can get you off your caboose and get something accomplished.  Thanks to them, I am one step closer to my dream.  Boy, does that feel great!

Looking for Marie’s Story?

Some of my dedicated minion followers, who have been with me since existence, might be wondering where my posts tagged “Marie’s Story” have went.  They are not lost, they are just in the shop for a tune up, so to speak.  This summer, I have been working on compiling Marie’s Story and preparing it to be published as an e-book.

I am pleased to report that I have completed the first official draft of the e-book and things are moving along nicely.  There are still a few more things that need to be completed before the book will be published, but when it is, my followers will be the first to know.

This has been a dream of mine for at least a year now, maybe even longer.  When I started writing Marie’s Story, the main purpose was to get my daughter’s story in writing for her future reference.  But as the story developed, I knew that this was a story that needed to be shared with everyone.

I can’t wait for the day that everything is done and I can announce to you that my e-book has been published.  Hopefully, my other posts will keep you entertained until that day comes.  Stay tuned.


I Want To Know What Happens Next

I have just entered a new place that this blogger has never entered before, I am reading my blog to my children.  This is a big step for me, since most of the stories are about them.  I needed to get my kids to sleep sooner on school nights, so what better way to do that than to bore them to sleep with their mom’s blogging.  LOL

Actually, Marie has asked to read my blog, because she knows I am writing a book about the summer she had brain surgery.  I could give her the blog website and let her read it on her own, however, I don’t remember some of the things I wrote in the beginning.  So I feel more comfortable reading it aloud to her, so I can intercede with more explanation if I need to.

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Is Santa Claus Real???

It’s the Christmas season and my kids are getting excited about getting new presents.  Frank would tell you that they need more toys like they need another hole in their heads.  (Yet Frank purchased a gift for the two of us before he even bought toys for the kids this year.  So who is the real kid here?  LOL)  Anyway, I grew up in a house that believed in Santa Claus.  As I got older, I figured out that my Santa gift was actually delivered by his elves (aka Mom and Dad) but I was not going to call my parents out on this discovery in fear that Santa’s gifts would stop arriving for me.  Because, lets face it, Santa’s gift was always the biggest and best gift I would receive every year.  

So Frank and I have raised our kids to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.  However, as my kids get older, their friends take it upon themselves to tell our kids that these things aren’t real.  The other day, when I was at the store, some neighborhood kids decided to break the news to my older kids.  I guess Patrick came in and asked Frank if Santa was real and then said that the kids next door said Santa was not real.  So I guess Frank went outside and I’m not sure what he told the kids, but I do know that he told the neighbor kids to go back home.  When I got home, he suggested I call our neighbors and ask the Dad to tell his kids to keep quiet about Santa Claus not being real.  I told him that it wouldn’t work, because I remember another child from my daughter’s school last year tell her the same thing.  Unfortunately, no matter what you do, society has to try to ruin the mystical things of childhood.  

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Angels Among Us?!?!

It’s the Holiday season again and the television stations have decided to run Christmas movies BEFORE Thanksgiving this year.  Now, I am not complaining, in fact, I say KUDOS to them…because I love Christmas movies.  Probably because they are full of hope, faith, triumph and love.  Something you don’t see much of the rest of the year on the bube tube.

My daughter Marie loves Christmas movies too.  She also loves 7th Heaven and Touched by an Angel.  Two TV shows that my husband and I have enjoyed longer than she was alive.  🙂  No matter how troubled my life seemed at the time, when I heard Monica say, “God Loves You” to someone on the show, as a glow rose from behind her, it would melt away all the troubles and bring me to tears.  Which is normally where I needed to be, so that I could remind myself to leave it in God’s hands.  ♥

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