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Getting Organized

I have taken one step closer to being organized in my house and I’m so pleased with myself that I just have to share it with you.  Laundry has been a problem for me ever since Marie was born.  Which means that when a new addition came into our household, I got more buried by laundry.  I know what you are thinking, that my dirty laundry was the worst part of my problem.  Well, you are wrong.  It’s my clean laundry that has been my worst nightmare.

I keep my washer and dryer very busy every day, yet I never have the time or space to fold and put away the clean laundry.  So what ends up happening is a mountain of clean laundry ends up sitting on top of my dryer to be rifled through every time someone needs an article of clothing.

The photo below gives you a little bit of an idea of how my laundry room used to look.  Trust me, there have been times when it looked a whole lot worse than this.


You will notice the variety of things I have stored on the shelf above the washer and dryer.  This really had become a catch-all for anything that didn’t have a designated home.  It also was a place to put things that I didn’t want the kids to get a hold of, like golf balls and paints.

But then I finally got a clue and over the weekend I created the following work area.


Notice that all the things have been removed from the shelf and I have replaced them with a basket for each family member.  I am reusing the orange tubs to collect the unmatched socks that always show up in the clean laundry.  The best part is that I can see the top of my dryer again.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I think it is.  I know that this might not last forever, but I’m going to do my best to keep it this way.